Woman hit by car at McDonald's might have to get pinkie amputated

LONGVIEW, Wash. - It's an understatement to say Diana Johnson is still in a lot of pain.

Her finger was nearly sliced off and doctors will probably have to amputate it.

She's on oxygen. Her ribs are battered and bruised. And there's an actual tire track left in her arm.

"Oh my gosh I'm bruised up everywhere. After he hit me with the truck, I slammed off the concrete wall then hit the concrete ground. My kids are just grateful I'm alive," Johnson said.

She's still very shaken up and asked we not show her face, but wanted to share a powerful message to Joshua Goble. That's the man who police think was high on drugs when he ran a red light and slammed his truck into the McDonald's where Johnson was sitting.

"I forgive him. Jesus forgives me. What kind of person would I be if on the Easter holiday I don't forgive those who sin against me?" Johnson said.

How is someone able to forgive so quickly?

Johnson says she's in no position to judge because she herself is a recovering alcoholic with eight years of sobriety.

Ironically, she was only at that restaurant because she had just taken two friends to a recovery meeting at a church across the street and decided to treat them to lunch.

Now johnson is convinced God was watching over everyone on that patio and she hopes Goble uses this as a wake up call to turn things around before it's too late.

"I pray he gets the help he needs. Help's out there. A lot of people don't know where to look, but help is out there," Johnson said.

Investigators have pulled samples of Goble's blood to figure out if he was in fact on drugs. He's been booked in the local jail on vehicular assault.