Woman leaves work for emergency, later allegedly shot by son

ST. HELENS, Ore. - Police say a woman was shot by her son in their home just outside of town Sunday. The son is being held in the county jail, but those close to the family say the two are close and believe the shooting was accidental.

Some friends call Robert Terry a "mamma's boy" and are shocked this has happened.

The sheriff of Columbia County says it is a possibility that Robert shot his mother accidentally, but for now they are still investigating the incident as a crime.

Investigators say Robert, who is 21, is also the one who barricaded himself in their house for nearly five hours after the shooting. He finally gave himself up just before 10 p.m. Sunday.

His mom, Dana, is still in the hospital with a gunshot wound to her stomach. Her friends and co-workers say she is coherent and getting better. They say a couple of Robert's friends came to her work, Ace Hardware, yesterday, warning her about an emergency at home.

"She was led to believe there was an emergency at her house. And not too long after she left, police vehicles started going by here. So I was quite concerned for her," said Dana's friend and co-worker Linda Durfee. "Being the mother that she is, she's a very mother-handy person, she takes care of her kids and her grandkids. She left immediately after being excused from work. ... It was a terribly frightening day. Actually, it was horrendously scary."

No one close to the family imagined he would shoot his mother.

"I don't feel he did it to hurt his mom on purpose. Maybe there was an argument, and she was trying to get the gun from him," said Anita Stickler, another friend of Dana's. "I don't know, but I really honestly do not feel like he would purposely hurt his mother."

The sheriff's office did recover a gun from the house, along with other evidence. And according to the sheriff's office, deputies only dealt with Dana and Robert Terry once, four years ago, for a minor in possession.

One of Robert's friends did say he tends to get depressed and had even texted her he needed someone to talk to. Robert Terry will likely make his first court appearance tomorrow.