Woman rescued after Crystal Mountain avalanche

CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN, Wash. -- A Tuesday afternoon avalanche at Crystal Mountain Ski Resort left a young woman buried under the snow for at least 10 minutes.

The avalanche was triggered just after 2:30 p.m. in bounds at the resort and quickly swept the woman into a tree well.

Fellow skiers and members of the resort's ski patrol were able to rescue the woman, despite the fact she was completely covered in snow and wasn't carrying an avalanche beacon.

A skier named Chad -- who skies with rescue gear and an avalanche beacon -- was in the area and saw the avalanche hit. He realized the woman had been swept up, but didn't know exactly where she was.

"The poor girl was down there without a beacon, so we had no clue were she was, other than somewhere in this big 50 foot radius, at least," he said.

Chad said he and others with rescue gear probed around randomly until they found the woman. They pulled her out and she was able to ski down on her own, according to Tiana Enger of Crystal Mountain.

For his part, Chad credited his fellow skiers for finding the woman before it was too late.

"If it had been just one or two people trying to find her, she probably wouldn't have made it out," he said.

After the rescue, the ski patrol ran avalanche dogs over the entire area to make sure no one else was buried, according to ski patrol director Paul Baugher.