Woman tells how she fought off a hit man

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Portland woman who strangled the hit man hired by her husband to kill her reveals the details of how she fought her attacker in a TV program for the first time on the Discovery network.

Susan Walters, who used to be Susan Kuhnhausen, agreed to go back into the home with cameras from a national TV show to share how she survived that night in 2006 when she had to kill the hit man her husband, Michael Kuhnhausen, hired for $50,000.

"I could see in his eyes that he was here to kill me," Susan says about her attacker while being featured this month on Investigation Discovery's show "Nothing Personal: Murder for Hire."
"When I pushed the door back and stepped forward, my attacker began to hit me in the head and face with a hammer," she said, reliving that 14-minute struggle with hit man Edward Haffey.

"And I knew, for whatever reason, he wanted to kill me, and knew that I wanted to live," Susan says. "I pushed him flat to the floor, and I got up on his backside and I leaned forward and I put my left arm under his neck, and I squeezed; and I said, 'Tell me who sent you here, and I will call you an ambulance.' I wanted him to be afraid as as terrified as I was."

When Haffey tried to flip her, instinct kicked in for Susan, an ER nurse: She leaned harder until he stopped moving.

"I wasn't sure whether he was unconscious or dead, but while he was still on the ground, I grabbed the hammer and I ran."

Haffey died and during the show's credits, Susan made it clear she lives with the pain of that.

"I don't know that you ever get over having killed another human being," she says. "I've always said I don't take any pride in what I did. But I also feel no shame."

Michael Kuhnhausen is serving 10 years.

Susan fears the day he gets out and believes he could still try to kill her.

The show airs March 28.