Woman told to take down American flag or face eviction

UPDATE: Royce on Monday told KATU that she was happy with a compromise that her apartment complex offered. The complex will put an American flag on a pole outside Royce's apartment and give her a pole to put a flag inside her window.

Original story below.

HAPPY VALLEY, Ore. -- A woman said she received a notice from the apartment complex where she lives that she must take down the American flag displayed in her window or possibly face eviction.

Elodia Royce said she's had the flag in her window for all six years she's lived at the complex and has never heard of a complaint or concern until ten days ago, when she received the notice. It referred to colorful drapes that aren't allowed, so she had to call and confirm what the notice was referring to when it said "drape."

"I told the lady, 'You've got to be kidding. Are you serious?' And she said, 'Yea, it's got to come down.' I was pretty surprised by the whole thing," Royce said. "It's obviously not a drape, it's our American flag."

Royce said it's important to her to show her support for U.S. troops because she's had family and friends serve in the military. It also reminds her of her son who died in 2002. His favorite holiday was Independence Day.

"It's always held a soft spot in my heart," she said.

The rental agreement doesn't mention a flag; it says signs and posters aren't allowed and only neutral drapes are allowed.

KATU News left a message for Cascade Rental Management out of Turner but did not immediately hear back on Sunday.

Royce said she called a lawyer and is waiting to see what happens Monday, when she's supposed to have the flag down.

While the law restricts homeowner associations from telling property owners they can't fly American flags, there isn't the same protection for renters.