Woodburn priest accused of child sex abuse, arrested

WOODBURN, Ore. - Police arrested a Woodburn priest Monday and accused him of child sex abuse, police said.

Police say they received a report at about 1:30 a.m. that a 12-year-old boy said he had been touched inappropriately by 46-year-old Angel Armando Perez. Police investigated and then arrested Perez at his home without incident later that morning.

Police said Perez is a priest at St. Luke's Catholic Church.

According to Bud Bunce, spokesman for the Portland Archdiocese, Perez has been a priest for 10 years working first in Corvallis and Coos Bay.

"Whenever these types of allegations are made it is very tragic for everyone involved," Bunce said.

Both Bunce and Woodburn police say there have been no prior complaints against Perez.

Perez faces charges of first-degree sexual abuse, "using (a) child in a display of sexually explicit conduct" and giving alcohol to a minor.

"It's a position of trust and for someone to take advantage of that position, obviously that's very serious," said Mike Araiza with the Woodburn Police Department.

Parishioners say they are stunned. No one KATU News spoke to Monday said they had any signals from what they saw that would have prepared them for these kinds of accusations.

Woodburn police are asking anyone who may have information about this case to contact Detective Rick Puente at 503-982-2345.

Perez is currently in the Marion County Jail.