Worried local woman finally hears from Oklahoma sister

LEBANON, Ore. - After two days of not hearing from her sister, whose home was in the direct path of Monday's massive tornado in Moore, Okla., Eva Mosley-Schneider got good news Wednesday night.

Wanda Wade got Eva's message to call home to Oregon from a Facebook friend.

Wanda hid in her house when the tornado struck. She was not hurt but her house did sustain some damage. It is still standing and she has a generator.

Eva said she is relieved and will sleep well tonight.

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LEBANON, Ore. -- Two days have passed and Eva Mosley-Schneider still has not heard from her sister, whose home was in the direct path of Monday's massive tornado in Moore, Okla.

The Lebanon woman said she still has hope she'll hear from her, though her constant Facebook messages to her sister have gone unanswered.

"You know, she's still my sister," Mosley-Schneider said. "Doesn't matter that I haven't seen her in 13 years or whatever."

Mosley-Schneider said she has gotten word through a third person that her sister, Wanda, is OK, but Wanda's house was damaged, though Mosley-Schneider doesn't know the extent of the wreckage.

When she first heard the news of Monday's tornado on TV, Mosley-Schneider immediately thought of her sister.

"You know, I got on the line and went to my sister's Facebook page and looked to see if she had any friends that I could contact," Mosley-Schneider said.

Finally, after persistently calling, texting, emailing and Facebook messaging, Mosley-Schneider got word by calling her sister's work number. The person on the other end of the line gave her some bittersweet news.

"Her house was damaged, not extensively," Mosley-Schneider said. "She has no power, but she's OK."

She also has sent messages to her sister's niece, asking her to call home to Oregon. So far: nothing.

"All the siblings are, you know, frantic. What's going on? What's going on? Do you know anything?," Mosley-Schneider said. "You know, I'm texting. I'm calling. I'm trying, you know?"