WWII veterans will get to see their memorial this weekend after all

PORTLAND, Ore. - The federal government might be shut down, but somebody found a way to let WWII veterans see their memorial.

A group of vets from Oregon flew out of PDX on Friday morning courtesy of a nonprofit organization called Honor Flight.

The trip was booked well before the federal government shut down earlier this week, closing down most of the sights in Washington, D.C.

Among the places that closed was the WWII memorial - which was, of course, at the top of the list of places to visit on the trip.

"I wish they would get together and make some kind of an agreement," said Navy veteran Bill Albright of Lebanon, who is making the trip. "The way I feel about Congress right now, I can't use that kind of language on TV."

Honor Flight visitors earlier this week found their way into the memorial despite the shutdown. So, somehow, the veterans found out they'll be able to visit after all.

"If there's not too many steps I'd like to see it," said 89-year-old Shirley Heermans. "Something should change. People should work together, get along and make things work out. I always had to do that. I was raised to get along with somebody any way you can get along. And if you can't along with people just smile and walk away but don't cause any problems."

The veterans will return on Sunday - probably after shedding a few tears.

"I'm quite sure it will be an emotional thing," Albright said. "They gave us a bunch of Kleenex and said we'll probably use it."