Sheriff says mother locked son in car, set it on fire

Roselawn Memorial Park where the alleged incident took place (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza).

A mother was taken to jail after she was charged with attempted murder.

The victim: her own child.

Police said it happened around 11:30 on Tuesday morning.

Monroe County Dispatch received a call from the woman's husband that their son may have been hurt.

Investigators received additional information that led them to the location of the mother and son at Roselawn Memorial Park, a cemetery.

Sheriff's Deputies arrived to find a car smoking from the passenger seat, but found no one inside.

The mother and son were eventually found elsewhere in the cemetery talking to Roselawn staff.

The sheriff's office reports it appears the mother bound her 11-year-old son at the wrists and locked him inside a 2014 Ford Focus.

According to police, she then ignited a fire in the trunk with the boy still inside.

Police say she later attempted to ignite a fire using gas on the passenger side where the boy sat, but it didn't catch fire.

Eventually police believe the mother freed the boy from the car.

She's set to be arraigned Thursday in Monroe County District court.

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