White House wants plan for the Doomsday Rock from space

The White House is officially revealing its concern about an apocalyptic asteroid strike, and it has released a new document detailing how the United States should prepare for an epic disaster from space.

Remember that fireball over the Russian interior back in 2013? That space rock exploded, but it packed an energy equivalent roughly 25 times the strength of the first atomic bombs dropped over Japan.

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An asteroid 460 feet across would hit the planet with more power than even the largest atomic bombs.

“Every single day there’s an object that’s flying by the earth – several tons of it, in fact,” said Jim Todd, space science director at Portland’s OMSI. “But we don’t know which any of these could be heading towards the earth (that) could be a potential problem.”

He said there’s a big asteroid that’ll be nearing the Earth in 2028, but there could be hundreds between now and then that we don’t even know about.

The White House wants more asteroid tracking, better warning systems, and new strategies about how to blow up or just move big space rocks that threaten earth.

Read Document: National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Strategy

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