'Beware the hair!' is young fan's new Blazers slogan

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A young Blazers fan has come up with a new slogan to match "fear the beard." He is proclaiming, "Beware the hair."

Ten-year-old Alex Gold of Sellwood brought a sign to Sunday's Blazers game with a picture of Robin Lopez and his unique hair style and the slogan printed above it.

"I like Robin Lopez," said Gold before the game. "He's a really great basketball player and he just makes a lot of points."

Gold's father, Steve, said he and his son came up with the slogan together.

"We needed an answer to 'fear the beard,'" said Steve Gold. "It's 'beware the hair!'"

"Fear the beard" refers to the Rockets' James Harden's unique facial hair.

Alex Gold said he hoped his sign and slogan would help the team to a victory.

"It's the tournament and I thought we could pump up the Trailblazers," said Alex Gold.

The Blazers ended up beating the Rockets 123-120 in overtime.