Bride asked bridesmaids to chip in for wedding dress

A bride asked her bridesmaids to pitch in for her $10,500 wedding dress. (MGN Online)

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - A bridesmaid revealed her frustrations surrounding the "bridezilla" whose wedding she was to be a part of, according to

Hayley was initially overjoyed to be apart of Caroline's wedding, since she had been a bridesmaid once before. The high school English teacher assumed the bridesmaid tasks would be "a piece of cake."

Little did Hayley know, her excitement would turn to "utter despair."

Her frustrations started with little tasks and built up to a request that she make an Excel spreadsheet by the end of the business day of all the possible cake vendors and their contact information, pricing options, flavor and "an idea of how prestigious the vendor is." The bride-to-be also demanded three consecutive weekends of bridesmaid and bridal dress shopping. During one outing, Caroline found a stunning wedding dress that the bridesmaids convinced her to splurge on, since it was twice the cost she had budgeted for it at $10,500.

That night, the bridesmaids received a group email from Caroline that titled, "Bridesmaid dress contribution." It included a long, detailed message that said her and her hubby were way over budget because of the wedding gown purchase. She recommended the bridesmaids "pitch in" $150 each for her "dream dress" on top of the $550 bridesmaid dresses and expenses leading up to the big ceremony-- which included accommodations, the bridal shower, and three spa days Caroline wanted before the wedding.

Three of the seven bridesmaids responded to the bride saying they could help chip in. However, Hayley's story ends with her rethinking not only the participation in the wedding, but also her entire friendship with Caroline.

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