Eagles owner mispronounces 'Oregon'

EUGENE, Ore. - Chip Kelly may have struggled with his decision to leave the Ducks, but not as badly as Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie struggled with the pronunciation of Oregon at a press conference Thursday in Philadelphia.

"We were told he was either going to come to the Philadelphia Eagle's or go back to the University of Oregon," Lurie said, pronouncing the name of the state "Or-ah-gone."

Kelly - who later correctly pronounced the name of the state where he still owns real estate - sat stoic as his new boss did it again.

"The next day we learned that he was probably going to go back to the University of Or-ah-Gone," Lurie said.

One really couldn't expect Kelly to interupt, "It's pronounced Orygun."

So you can't blame the Duck fans who are sad to see Kelly go quoting the Dude from "The Big Lebowski," either.

"I hate the #@?!ing Eagles, man!"