Feeling stress? Snuggle Express offers quality time with puppies and kittens

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Stress tends to boil over this time of year. Folks have to worry about shopping, traveling, and the demands of their everyday jobs. It's safe to say those people could use a way to relax. The Oregon Humane Society has come up with a surefire way to make it happen.

The Snuggle Express is one form of therapy employees should try to convince their boss to pay for. You could consider it a traveling troupe of puppies and kittens that the Oregon Humane Society brings to your workplace. Work comes to a halt when that happens.

KATU News stopped by Portland ad agency Leopold Ketel for a Snuggle Express visit. As soon as the puppies and kittens came through the door employees were clamoring for some snuggle time.

The Oregon Humane Society is benefitting too. The Snuggle Express is really all about getting these animals adopted.

Any company can apply for a Snuggle Express visit, but they only have until Dec. 9 to do so. Visit the Oregon Humane Society's Snuggle Express website for details.