'It doesn't necessarily mean that it's little green men from another world'

EUGENE, Ore. - A late-night run to the store got a little strange for Jacob Buttram on Saturday when his wife spotted three orange lights in the sky.

"And she goes, 'Jake, what's that up there in the sky?" Buttram said. "And I was getting in and I looked up and I go, I think it's just a plane. Oh, wait a second ..."

Upon closer inspection, Buttram said the lights weren't from an airplane. They moved vertically across the sky, changing formation to a perfcect triangle.

"This took about 10 minutes from the time we first spotted them," he said.

Buttram showed KVAL News the video he took on his phone. It doesn't look like much. But other people reported seeing the lights, including Bill Brown, who posted photographs on the KVAL News Facebook page.

"Oh it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up a little bit, that's for sure," Buttram said.

He called friends to explain what was happening, but none of them answered.

"So I'm like, 'Really, no one's going to answer their phone right now?"

KVAL News called the Eugene Airport on Sunday to ask about the lights and got no response.

At the Science Factory, planetarium director Sue Peterson said the lights could have been a plan, a meteor - or even geese. science factory.

"The city lights, which are kind of orange tinged, will reflect off of their stomachs," she said, "and you'll see that kind of orange, you know, in a V shape."

Could it have been a UFO?

"A UFO means unidentified flying object," Peterson said. "It doesn't necessarily mean that it's little green men from another world."

After the lights dissapeared into the clouds, Buttram came back down to earth.

"I stood there and watched for a couple more minutes," he said, "and then we went to WinCo and got diapers."