LMFAO: Pop group's grandma reveals true meaning of name

SUTHERLIN, Ore. - The video for LMFAO's hit single "I'm Sexy and I Know It" isn't the sort of thing you would want your grandmother to see - much less make a cameo appearance in.

"There's clothes on me," Grandma Goodfoot likes to point out.

On her grandsons - not so much.

"Aren't they cute. They are very cute," she says. "And they're sweet. They really are sweet."

Sutherlin may be light years away from the LA music scene, but Grandma Goodfoot, the unofficial 3rd member of the group, is the heart and soul of LMFAO. The electro-pop duo LMFAO "party rocked" their way to success with infectious dance tracks and a huge fan following, but to this Oregon woman, they will always be just her grandsons.

The youngest of the duo, SkyBlu, is her grandson. Redfoo is Sky's uncle.

But to Grandma Goodfoot: "These are my boys. They are both my kids. I don't favor one over the other."

She even helped her boys come up with the name of their group.

So KVAL News asked: What does LMFAO mean?

"Love my friends and others," Grandma Goodfoot says. "I know what they think. It's love to me. It's love friends and others, and my boys are very grounded."

She says LMFAO's wild appearance is just that: a look.

"When they're out and entertaining, they might seem wild, but they are very much connected to him," she says, gesturing toward the heavens.

You also can't be fooled by Grandma Goodfoot's appearance. She's been known to die her hair pink and wear some pretty wild outfits.

Then there's her classic hash tag on her Twitter page: #StayPimpin'.

She stays grounded in her garden in Sutherlin, and like any grandma, she couldn't resist sharing the bounty of her garden.

Times are changing, however: In September, LMFAO announced they were taking a hiatus to try other projects. The boys promise they'll be back for another album, and their biggest fan is counting on it.

"I love all their songs," she says.

"Some of the words - mmm," she says, disapprovingly. "But I like the moves. I like the rhythm. I love to dance to their music."