What do you get when you cross a wheelchair and a tank?

ALOHA, Ore. - An Aloha man has found an interesting way to give disabled people mobility like they have never known before.

It's called the Hoogie Trax and it's a wheelchair/tank kind of rig that Tony Richmond put together. He made his own tracks and used 20 skateboard wheels on each side to keep it rolling.

"I've never gotten it stuck - I mean it just doesn't get stuck," Richmond said.

The vision started 20 years ago when he saw a man riding down the street in a power chair. "It just seemed like a natural progression that if you really want to go places, put tracks on that thing," he said.

Richmond finally started working on the project a couple of years ago and while he admits he's not the first to make a track chair, he is convinced that his is the best.

"I've got the most ground clearance of any chair out there, so stumps and rocks - I can get right over the top of them," he said.

Richmond said the Hoogie Trax can be used on the beach, in the snow, you name it. And he's filed for a patent because he has a serious goal of giving the handicapped a ride that can take them all over. And he also hopes to be able to rent the chairs out at local events.