Docs show that Manhas listed Cogen as reference on job application

Things are not getting better for Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen.

Just two days after he confessed to having an 18-month affair with someone he worked with, more revelations came out, leading people in the county - people who have counted themselves among his friends and allies - to question whether he can continue to serve effectively.

While none of the new revelations point to illegal behavior or even prove that he broke county rules, Cogen's friends say they raise questions about ethics, about whether he has been up front about what happened and about what is still to come.

One such piece of new information was contained in documents released Thursday night pertaining to the promotion of Sonia Manhas, which occurred while she was having an affair with Cogen.

He has maintained that he had no influence on her promotion. But Manhas listed Cogen as one of her two references on her application.

It's possible that he didn't know she had listed him. But, according to people familiar with the process, that's possible but not likely.

Also revealed Thursday was the fact that Cogen - who said the affair had ended two months ago - had been scheduled to have lunch with Manhas on Thursday.

Records show Cogen deleted the item from his schedule on Monday, not long after County employees received an anonymous email accusing him (rightly, it turns out) of having an affair with Manhas.

Hundreds of pages of documents detailing Cogen's schedule over the past two years that were also released Thursday night had her occasionally popping up for private lunches but not as frequently as one might think given Cogen's assertion that the affair was carried out over lunches and hotel rendezvous.

The infrequent mentions of her on his schedule go along with what county officials had said was a concerted effort by Cogen and Manhas to keep their relationship out of the public record.

It's not expected to get better for the county chairman on Friday.

The County is expected to release more documents concerning Cogen and Manhas - possibly as early as mid-morning.

One set of documents that may prove to be damaging to Cogen - certainly to his reputation - are emails between the two.

People familiar with the emails - and with Cogen and Manhas - say that it is unlikely that there is anything particularly damning in the emails, certainly nothing that describes trysts in detail or could be construed as love letters or mash notes.

Also expected, if not Friday than next week, is her schedule and text messages between the two.