KATU/SurveyUSA poll takes temperature on transportation, traffic issues

(KATU Photo)

A SurveyUSA poll commissioned by KATU found that 41 percent of those surveyed said government officials were doing a poor job in how they deal with the region’s traffic congestion. Forty percent said they were doing a fair job.

And the poll found most people felt tolls were not the answer to funding projects that would help ease traffic congestion. Fifty-three percent said tolls were a step in the wrong direction or were a completely wrong-headed approach. Twenty-nine percent said tolls were a step in the right direction or should be done immediately.

These were two of 15 traffic and transportation questions SurveyUSA asked 675 adults within KATU’s viewing area last month.

Pollsters also found just under half of respondents were against more gasoline taxes to fund transportation projects. Forty-nine percent said an additional tax on gasoline was a step in the wrong direction or a completely wrong-headed approach. And 30 percent said it should be done immediately or it was a step in the right direction.

The survey also found that 45 percent said maintaining and repairing existing roads should be the No. 1 priority if there were more money to spend on transportation. Twenty-one percent said widening highways, 15 percent said expanding mass transit and 10 percent said building new bridges.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8 percent.

Click here for full results and crosstabs.

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