Oregon legislature to hold public hearings on gun control bills

FILE - SBG photo

Oregon lawmakers will take public comment Monday on two bills involving gun control that - if passed - could make getting a firearm more difficult in some situations.

Senate Bill 797 could change the entire process of acquiring a gun.

Currently, Oregon State Police has three days to figure out if a potential buyer has cleared at background check, after those three days a buyer can obtain a gun regardless of being approved. The bill looks to close the 'Charleston loophole' that allows licensed dealers to sell firearms if the background check on the buyer isn’t completed in those three days.

The proposed bill would delay a buyer indefinitely if they don’t clear a background check. SB-797 would also prohibit convicted stalkers and abusers from having guns.

Legislators are also eyeing Senate Bill 868, which would create a way for courts to keep people from having firearms when they find that person is at risk of suicide or hurting others.

The senate committee will also hold a work session on two amendments to SB-764, which calls on the state police department to study the reasons why certain concealed handgun license applications were denied before reporting to the Legislative Assembly.

Several gun control advocates and opponents to the laws are planning to attend the hearings, scheduled for 8 a.m. Monday in the Capitol basement in Hearing Room 50.

In anticipation of a large turnout, lawmakers are holding public speakers to a 2-minute limit.

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