Wheeler, Fish to offer amendment ending '48-hour rule' in police shootings

KATU File Photo.

Mayor Ted Wheeler said in a tweet Tuesday that he and Commissioner Nick Fish will introduce an amendment on Wednesday that will end a controversial rule that prohibits police officers, who have been involved in deadly shootings, from giving statements to internal affairs within 48 hours of the shooting.

The amendment, if approved, will go against the recommendation of Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill, who earlier this year said compelling officers to give statements soon after a shooting would violate their rights.

Wheeler had initially proposed waiting for a court to give its ruling on the subject. Now he's changed his mind.

“And, unlike the current version, we will implement the policy NOW, rather than waiting for a court to give us the ok,” the mayor said in the tweet. “This (amendment) will end the ’48-hour rule’ and allow the city to interview officers involved in the use of deadly force within 48 hours of the incident.”

The mayor’s initial stance drew harsh criticism from many in the community during a City Council meeting last week.

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