12 Days of Black Friday: Showcasing

We've all done it - walk into a local electronics or big box store to take TVs or computers for a test drive, only to turn around and buy it online, supposedly at a better price.

It's called showcasing, and with mobile technology, it's even easier these days to check prices while you're still in the store.

"Probably one out of every two customers has his phone out," says Sean Donohue, sales manager at Home Video Library in Southeast Portland.

Instead of Googling and walking out, the KATU Problem Solvers recommend talking to a salesperson who may meet or beat those online prices even before the Black Friday deals go into effect.

"If there's a bundle with a sound bar or there's some sort of rebate, we can give them to customers now," says Donohue. "But most customers don't know that. They think they need to wait in line for those 3 TVs to get the good deal."

Retailers like Target and Best Buy are also trying to turn showcasing into sales. Both stores will price match, to a certain degree, this holiday season. If a local retailer can't match an online price, they may be willing to throw-in accessories or drop delivery charges to make the difference for you, and a wash for them.

Just remember, it costs nothing to ask.