From the BBB: Scams Targeting Women

From the BBB: Scams Targeting Women

Some highlights:

-Weight loss & fitness
-Cosmetic services
-Online dating
-Work at home
-Car & home repair

Weight loss & fitness
Things to watch for:

-"Miracle" or "life-changing" results
-False urgency or "buy now" tactics
-Aggressive upsells
-Promises not in print
-Confusing contracts and cancellations
-Free trials and sneaky billing

Cosmetic Services
Things to watch for:

-Aggressive upsells
-Unrealistic testimonials
-No printed price sheets or contracts
-Today-only specials
-No credentials (Oregon Medical Board and/or Board of Cosmetology)

Online dating
Things to watch for:

?Work or travel abroad
?Unavailable by phone or video chat
?Too personal too quickly
?Emotional stories or urgent pleas
?Financial favors

Work at home
Things to watch for:

?High salaries and big part-time earnings
?Minimal experience or qualifications needed
?High-pressure job pitches
?Abundant grammatical or spelling errors

?Insufficient contact or company information
?No written job descriptions
?Job invitations from unknown senders

?Substantial upfront investments for trainings, starter-kits or merchandise
?New bank account requests
?Money-wiring requests
?Overpayment paychecks with wire transfer instructions

Car repair
Things to watch for:

?Inflated pricing
?No estimates
?No ASE certifications
?Negative reviews online

Home repair:
Things to watch for:

?Collecting full payments before completing job
?Improper licensing with state contractors board
?Unmarked vehicles

In general:

?Check state business registration.
?Verify industry competency licensing.
?Use for free BBB Business Reviews.
?Do research on Internet search engines.
?Look for full contact information.
?Get contracts and promises in writing.

The BBB offers free presentations to groups with this and other information. If you are interested, you can contact the BBB at