How do you find a litter your cat will like?

Cats can be fussy, especially when it comes to the litter you use in the box. How do you find a litter your cat will like and will use?

Mikkel Becker, a cat trainer and contributor to, suggests getting small amounts of a few different varieties of cat litter and put them in a couple of different boxes.

Usually your cat is going to choose one that they really like and usually it's more of a sandy type of litter that doesn't have a strong scent. But whichever one they pick, have that be your litter of choice.

Now, put that litter in the boxes and vary the depth.

"So you want to see if your cat prefers a deep box of it they want to have just very shallow sand and so that is a way for your cat to you what they want," Becker says. "Then, with any of the leftover boxes that you aren't going to use of any of the leftover litter, just donate that to your local animal shelter."

To keep your cat happy and your household free of improper soiling:

  • Keep a litter box on each floor of your home.

  • If you have more than one cat, make sure they each have a litter box.

  • Place litter boxes in convenient, easily accessible locations, but not near their food.

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