Mobile checkout could speed things up on Black Friday

One of the worst things about holiday shopping is waiting in long lines to check out. This year there's a high-tech trend called remote checkout that lets you pay and get out the door faster.

Some tech companies have already started to phase-in this system, like Apple. Now, clothing and department stores like JC Penney and Nordstrom are doing the same.

At Nordstrom Rack employees in green rove around the store to see if people are ready to get checked out. Using a specialized iPod, the employee scans the items and swipes your credit card. You then sign on the screen and you're done. You can either get a paper receipt or go paperless.

"I like it," says Wendy Gage, a shopper who knows all about waiting in lines. "Less lines, more time to shop."

Diana Lui tell us, "anything to avoid lines."

To prevent anyone from stealing the items, Nordstrom Rack says they have sensors on most of the merchandise that will trip an alarm at the door.

While this isn't revolutionary technology, this is the first holiday season where remote checkouts will be more widespread. One thing to keep in mind, though: If you want to pay with cash, you'll still have to go through a checkout line - at least for now. Eventually some stores will do away with regular cash registers.