Sandy Hook scams thriving after Conn. tragedy

While we pray and send condolences to Newtown, Conn., fraudulent donation appeals are preying on our emotions. Scam warnings are accumulating as phony charities flood the internet. The Better Business Bureau reports a favorite target is Facebook.

"The Facebook issue and the emails and the fake news headlines, those are the big ones that are really getting a lot of people's attention," said BBB's David Quinlan.

To avoid being scammed, don't open any unsolicited donation appeals from people you've never heard of, even if the name sounds like it might be a legitimate charity. Never click on any attachments or links that come in unsolicited emails. You should even avoid "liking" shared posts on Facebook, as scammers are said to be creating posts solely for the purpose of spreading viruses and downloading programs that monitor your key strokes.

If you want to help the families, only donate to a charity that you contact directly and after you've checked it out through a reputable charity site such as Charity Navigator.

You can also donate to the school support fund set up by United Way and Newtown Savings Bank in Connecticut.