Scam alert: Don't fall for the 'National Insurance Card' trick

PORTLAND, Ore. - Scammers are betting you don't know much about the new health care act and they're hoping to take advantage of that.

How are they tricking people?

One scam involves what's called a 'National Insurance Card.' Scammers are telling folks they will help them get one of the cards, but the problem is, the card does not even exist.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the scammers are reaching out by phone, so watch out if you get a call that sounds something like this:

"I represent the federal government. You have been selected as part of an initial group of Americans to receive this insurance card and so, to enable that, we need some information from you."

The scammers then ask for your social security number and bank account information so they can purportedly set up health care premium payments.

Don't fall for it - again, there is no 'National Insurance Card' and there will not be a government representative calling you to help sign you up for health care under the new act.

If you get the call, don't answer any questions, don't press any buttons and hang up.