Side Socket: Does it work?

Household electronics make our lives a lot easier, but they can also make things a lot messier because of all the cords and cables.

A product called Side Socket promises to help solve that problem by repositioning the sockets so they face the sides of the outlet. The commercials promise to create extra space by allowing you to push your furniture closer to the wall.

The Side Socket essentially transforms a traditional power strip into a plug-in power box, complete with power surge protection. You get three electrical sockets on each side. The unit I bought has only one side that swivels side-to-front. The device only works with a double-socket wall outlet, so single sockets are out.

All you do is plug the unit into the wall, then plug in your electronic devices.

In our test, some of the furniture was too heavy to pull out and use the swivel feature, so I plugged some cords in before plugging the Side Socket into the wall. Plugging cords in from the side is definitely much easier compared to reaching behind furniture trying to plug into the wall outlet with limited space for your hands, the plug and good visibility.

But I find all the claims claims about creating extra space highly exaggerated. What you really get- is the end of unsightly power strips cords on the floor. You still end up with cords behind your furniture, often still hanging to the floor, and in my experience, the space in the room was virtually unchanged. Side Socket sells for about $13.