Tips for shopping for the best credit card offers

The Internet makes it easy to compare credit card offers. Dozens of sites now provide this free service. Most make money when you click through and apply for a card. Did you know that?

"We think this information must be clearly disclosed to consumers," said Ruth Susswein with the advocacy group Consumer Action. "Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't."

Consumer Action recently surveyed 54 credit card comparison sites. They found that most disclosed the commission structure somewhere on the site - but you may have to hunt around to find it in the privacy policy or "about us" section.

Based on its survey, Consumer Action says you'd be smart to visit several sites before applying for a card. And check the articles posted on these sites.

"Because tucked away in the articles are some of the best offers; sometimes even better than on the comparison section of the site," Susswein said.

Remember: some cards are not listed on these sites, such as those from local banks and credit unions. Chances are you won't find anything from Bank of America, because B of A generally does not pay referral fees to these websites.

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