Trans fats don't just hurt your heart - they might slow your brain

PORTLAND, Ore. - Doughnuts, corn dogs and french fries might never be the same.

The FDA has decided to cut trans fats from the nation's food, saying it could save 7,000 lives and prevent 20,000 heart attacks every year.

But trans fats don't just hurt your heart - they also slow down your brain. A study at OHSU showed the more you eat, the more problems you have with memory and mental speed.

KATU Problem Solver Kerry Tomlinson took a trip to the store and found trans fats - or hydrogenated oil - in just about every aisle.

Chocolate cookies, peanut butter chocolate fudge sticks, pie crusts - even healthier-sounding items like baked crackers and microwave popcorn had trans fats.

Some doctors think the ban is a good idea.

"Anything I can do to stack the deck in my favor to reduce the risk of people coming with acute heart attacks or dying from acute heart disease is a good thing," said Dr. Ty Gluckman, a cardiologist at Providence Portland Medical Center.

In the meantime, make sure you check both the ingredient list and the nutrition label.