Want to improve your teeth? Cut down acidic drinks

Acid is bad for your teeth. It breaks down the enamel and leads to cavities. When you eat a lot of sugar, you feed the bacteria in your mouth and they create a lot of acid.

Research shows highly acidic energy drinks and sports drinks can also damage your teeth.

"And they're essentially doing the same thing these bacteria are doing. That is, you're pouring acid on your teeth," says Dr. John Swartzberg, head of the editorial board at the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter.

"Why are you drinking these in the first place? There's really no good reason for it."

Swartzberg points out that energy drinks are loaded with caffeine, which is what gives you a boost.

"Frankly, people don't need to be putting that much caffeine into their body. If they need caffeine there are a lot easier ways and a lot cheaper ways. And sports drinks, frankly, unless you're a heavy-duty athlete, they're really unnecessary and you're just throwing your money away."

If you have one of these drinks, wash your mouth with water afterward to dilute the acid. And don't brush for your teeth for at least an hour. That could make the damage worse.