What not to buy on Black Friday

As part of our 12 Days of Black Friday, we've been telling you about the kinds of deals you can expect. Now another important list: what NOT to buy on Black Friday.

Many people will try to load up their Black Friday cart with a TV because it's a widely known fact that electronics will be cheaper that day, right? Not always.

The website shows Black Friday may not be the day to pick up brand name HDTVs. Lesser-known brands will hit rock-bottom prices, but brand name deals will be harder to find.

Also, don't plan to scoop up the latest digital cameras. Chances are you'll find deals only on last year's models.

As for the Apple iPad mini? Don't expect great discounts on that or Microsoft's Surface tablet.

If you're going for a new gaming console, don't buy unless it comes with a bonus accessory or games.

Something else you should wait on: toys. You may get some great bargains on Black Friday, but says historically, prices drop as we get closer to the end of December.

Also on the "no deal" list: jewelry, watches, office supplies, winter clothes and Christmas decorations. Wait to buy those later.

Of course this doesn't mean you can't buy it. It just means you probably won't be getting the best possible price.