Worth Watching Week: Apps that can make you money

You could be making extra money with just a little bit extra effort, using apps on your smart phone. We have a list of apps that could bring in a little extra cash.

The KATU Problem Solvers tried an app called Rewardable. You sign up and receive a list of marketing tasks in your area.

The Problem Solvers tried a price check at Chipotle, just a few blocks away.

The app told us to take a picture outside. Then we headed inside to start reviewing prices. We recorded the prices of various menu items, counted people in line and took a picture of the menu.

The creators of Rewardable said you are taking over the job of consulting firms that used to charge big companies $50 or more to check on their franchises around the country. Rewardable charges less, and gives you part of the money. In this case, we received $4.

The creators said the app is designed to allow you to make extra money while you are doing things you might already do, although some people try to do four or five tasks a day to earn extra cash.

"I'm always looking for an opportunity to make a little bit of extra money," said Sara Serna, who works full time in Hillsboro.

Serna said she has found her own apps that pay, like Google Screenwise Panel, which pays her about $10 for tracking what she does online.

"Some people are more sensitive to that than others," said Serna. "I personally don't have a problem with that. I'm not doing anything creepy on there!"

Serna also signed up for Google Opinion Rewards and said she earns another $10 a month for answering marketing surveys a couple of times per week.

"I see it first thing in the morning. You pull it down from the top of your browser and do it really quickly and move on with your day," said Serna.

She also tried Pact, an app that pays you to exercise and eat fruits and vegetables. She made $1.60, but lost $15 because she did not document as many fruit and vegetables on the app as she pledged she would.

Though she is disappointed in Pact, Serna said she enjoys making extra money using apps.

"I love it!" said Serna. "Any way that I can increase my income, especially something that I am already doing."

Below is a list of apps that could make you money. We have not tested them all, so please read the reviews carefully and research the app so you can make an informed decision about whether the app works for you.

AppTrailers - Rewards for watching app videos - iPhone - Android

Checkout 51 - rewards for buying certain brands - iPhone - Android

CheckPoints - Rewards for checking in at stores, scanning products, buying things and more - iPhone - Android

EasyShift - Do market research tasks - iPhone - Android

ESPN Streak for the Cash - Predict winners of sports competitions - iPhone - Android

Field Agent - Do market research tasks - iPhone - Android

Fiverr - Do a gig and receive $5 - iPhone - Android

Gigwalk - Do market research tasks - iPhone - Android

Google Opinion Rewards - Take surveys - Android

Ibotta - Get rebates by post offers on social media and other tasks - iPhone - Android

iPoll - Take surveys and do market research tasks - iPhone - Android

Media Insiders - Take surveys - Android

Pact - Get paid to work out and eat healthy; be prepared to pay up if you don't - iPhone - Android

Receipt Hog - Take pictures of receipts for marketing research - iPhone - Android

Rewardable - Do market research tasks - iPhone - Android

Screenwise Panel - Android

Shopkick - Get rewards for going to certain stores, scanning products & buying things - iPhone - Android

Slidejoy - View ads when you unlock your phone - Android

Viggle - Rewards for watching TV or listening to music - iPhone - Android