'Deadliest Catch' fishery a no-go in shutdown

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) Alaska's multimillion-dollar red king crab season opened Tuesday, but most of the participating boats remain at dock because federal managers who are supposed to set individual fishing quotas are among workers still furloughed in the government's partial shutdown.

Only boats representing a tiny fraction of the total harvest will be heading out into the Bering Sea. For that community development program, quotas are assigned by the state.

Crabbers in the much larger haul fear that a late opening of the Bristol Bay fishery made famous by the reality show, "Deadliest Catch," would slash into their profits from the lucrative holiday market in Japan.

A National Marine Fisheries Service enforcement official says there's been no change as far as bringing furloughed NMFS workers back to work to set the quotas.

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