DuneFest brings riders from all over US and beyond

WINCHESTER BAY, Ore. -- It's a family event that draws people from all over, and the fun is already getting started out at 'Mother Nature's sandbox.'

Although DuneFest doesn't officially kick off until Wednesday, people are already coming into the area.

Clark Anderson, the event co-chair, says it's an adrenalin-filled weekend on the coast. "It's just a lot of excitement, it's the most fun a family can have in the sand," he said.

Joe Barghini came up from California for the festivities. "You have the kids, they bring their friends, the family atmosphere here is just great," he said.

DuneFest attracts families from not just the United States, but also from Canada and Europe.

Event coordinators manage to change things up every year, and that's why they say people keep coming out. "I've seen the transformation from what it was back 11, 12 years ago than what it is today, a lot more events, a lot more family oriented things," said camp host Tony Pena.

People are already hitting the sand in Winchester Bay enjoying time out on the dunes.

For all the information on the event, you can visit the DuneFest 2013 Web site.