Local woman dreams up 'TurboPUP' - a Power Bar for dogs

PORTLAND, Ore. - When a Portland woman couldn't find a certain kind of food for her dog, she decided to create it herself.

"It was something I wanted," said Kristina Guerrero. "I was like, 'why don't we have this for our dog?' I mean we take him everywhere."

Her product might just be the perfect fit for a lot of Pacific Northwesterners. It's a kind of dog food that caters to those who love their dogs and love taking them into the outdoors.

Guerrero and her husband, Brandon Sylvester, are parents to two dogs, Duncan and Oden. Duncan is several years old and Oden is a new puppy. They have a lot of energy but it's that energy that makes them the perfect outdoor companions. In fact, it was on a long hike in the great outdoors when Duncan provided Guerrero with some inspiration.

"We got to the top of the mountain and we started eating our own Power Bars," said Guerrero. "He looked at us with that face of 'where's mine?'"

Guerrero suddenly wished there was a meal replacement bar for dogs.

"Why hasn't anyone else thought of this," she asked herself. "This is a great idea."

So Guerrero and Sylvester decided to make their own. With her husband's experience as a food scientist, Guerrero came up with TurboPUP. We saw Guerrero pitching the product to other dog owners when we met with her.

"These are basically Power Bars for dogs," said Guerrero. "So what it is is a complete meal. So whenever you take your dog on the trail or go camping with them, all you need to take is this."

There's no need to carry around big bags of dog food. Guerrero and Sylvester also say there should be no worry about cheap or unhealthy ingredients.

"We're feeding this to our dog so we want to make sure it's good for him and all the ingredients are high quality and everything and it's what he needs," said Sylvester.

Duncan and Oden seem to like them just fine.

It took Guerrero and Sylvester about a year and a half to create the kind of food their dogs liked best. You can learn more about TurboPUP, and where to buy it, at