Shellie's travels: Lions, tigers and zebras... oh my!

A familiar face on KATU - Problem Solver Shellie Bailey-Shah - is gone for the summer. But not to worry - she'll be back and in the meantime she's sharing stories as she travels the world. Shellie is taking a three-month sabbatical to visit 11 countries in 72 days. And the best part? You can follow along on her travel blog.

In one of her recent posts, she shares some amazing safari photos - zebras, lions, a cheetah, hippos and much more. We've put a few in our gallery here, but you'll want to see her blog for a whole bunch more. Now of course, Shellie is always 'On Your Side,' so she's also sharing travel tips along the way, like how to choose a tour operator for a safari.

Shellie and her family have been planning their trip since 2011 and hope that their stories and travel advice will inspire others to plan their own journey. If you'd like to send Shellie your thoughts, ask questions or just say hi, you can submit comments here. You can also go there to sign up for email updates from her blog.