'Trail projects are extremely complex'

PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland city commissioners have agreed on the idea of a North Portland Greenway, but there are still kinks to be worked out and money to be found to pay for it.The proposed trail would connect the Eastbank Esplanade in Southeast Portland with Kelley Point Park in North Portland. A rough outline of the trail was shown to city commissioners Wednesday morning.Commissioners approved the plan, but with land issues and funding sources still up in the air, city leaders admit this will be a long process."Trail projects are extremely complex, difficult to implement and take many, many years," said Mike Abbate, director of Portland Parks and Recreation. "In fact, one of our greatest successes, the Springwater Trail - we're still working out the details after 20 years of work."One big issue for the North Portland Greenway is how the trail would move along the Albina train yard, which is owned by Union Pacific. So far, the railroad has refused to allow the trail on its property, but city leaders remain hopeful that a solution can be worked out.