Your Voice, Your Vote: Mayor Hales on his 4 years in office, downtown protests

Mayor Charlie Hales and KATU's Steve Dunn

On The Thanksgiving Weekend edition of Your Voice, Your Vote, it’s time to reflect on Portland's past, present and future with Mayor Charlie Hales.

This will be Hales’ final interview on the show before he leaves office. He and Steve Dunn discuss whether the city is in better shape now than it was four years ago.

The mayor also gave his perspective on the downtown protests and his reaction to the criticism he's received over the city's response.

They also cover what Mayor Hales has accomplished, what still needs to be done, and what he is most proud of from his time in office.

“I think the long term impact of reaching thousands of kids that maybe didn't know their community would care for them that way. That's going to pay dividends in ways I'll never know but I believe it's very real across the whole city,” Hales said.

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