Your Voice, Your Vote: Should big businesses pay more taxes in Oregon?


In this week’s edition of “Your Voice, Your Vote,” we cover the effort to reform Oregon's tax on big businesses.

Last year, voters turned down Measure 97 that looked to raise taxes on big businesses.

It’s still the topic of debate among lawmakers working on reforming the state's business tax.

KATU’s Steve Dunn talked with State Senator Mark Hass about the corporate tax, and whether Oregonians want to see an increase.

Facing a $1.6 billion shortfall, Sen. Hass says changing the corporate tax is just one piece of the budget puzzle. He also suggests that spending cuts, PERS reform and healthcare changes are a part of the solution.

Economist Eric Fruits also offers his perspective during this week’s conversation.

"This is going to be passed on to the consumer, just like a sales tax. Only as we said earlier about Measure 97, (it’s) like a sales tax on steroids,” said Fruits.

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