Infamous for 'CTC,' former Blazer owes $115,647 to Multnomah County

PORTLAND, Ore. - The most recognizable name on a list of the biggest property tax dodgers in Multnomah County is former Trail Blazer Rasheed Wallace.

He owes more than $115,000 on a nearly 9,000 square foot house in Southwest Portland, according to Multnomah County records. If he doesn't pay the current bill by Nov. 15 he will owe just over $150,000.

Wallace made about $80 million during his time with the Blazers.

According to the county, there are liens against the property. After three years, the county can go to court and get a judgment. After six years of nonpayment, the county can auction off a property. The county says Wallace last made a payment in 2011.

Wallace is now an assistant coach with the Detroit Pistons. The team is in town tonight to face off with his former team.

Wallace made Blazer fans bristle for the prickly way he treated them and the media. He infamously said "Cut the check" when asked if he'd be upset to be traded from Portland.

"As long as somebody CTC at the end of the day, that's gravy with me," Wallace said Nov. 9, 2003. "If ya'll don't know what that mean, that mean 'cut the check.'"

On Your Side Investigator Dan Tilkin attempted to ask Wallace about the unpaid taxes during the Pistons' morning shoot-around at the Moda Center on Monday after he was told by the Pistons' public relations people Wallace couldn't talk.

Wallace didn't even acknowledge the reporter when he tried to question Wallace about the unpaid taxes.

Tilkin: Hey, Rasheed, I don't know if you remember me, I'm Dan Tilkin from Channel 2. I interviewed you when you were here in Portland."

PR: Excuse me.

Tilkin: Yes? (responding to PR person)

PR: Our assistant coaches are not available.

Tilkin: We were wondering if we could ask him about the unpaid taxes.

PR: That's what I'm talking about.

Tilkin: OK.

PR: Assistant coaches are not available.

Tilkin: He's famous for saying, 'CTC' and he owes $150,000.

PR: Assistant coaches are not available to the media.

Tilkin: OK. I wanted to go right to the man, cause he's the guy I need to ask about the money.

PR: You have to go through me before you can talk to him.

Wallace lives in Michigan but he and his wife still own the mansion in Portland.

In his time with the Blazers, Wallace was famous for his abrupt interviews and many times would only say, "Both teams played hard."

The NBA fined him $30,000 for his uncooperative ways.

A neighbor told KATU News that Wallace's Portland house has been vacant for a long time.

The neighbor said Wallace began remodeling it but never finished.

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Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that Wallace owes more than $150,000 to Multnomah County. He actually owes $115,647. The bill will go up to more than $150,000 if he doesn't pay by Nov. 15.