Police asked UO to hold off on administrative investigation of players

EUGENE, Ore. - Eugene police asked the University of Oregon Athletic Department to not investigate three basketball players accused of rape until the police finished its investigation.

That was March 9, the day after the alleged rape of a woman and three days before the PAC-12 Tournament started.

That means the coaches knew Damyean Dotson and Dominic Artis were under criminal investigation while they played in the tournament.

Brandon Austin is a transfer who's not eligible for court time until sometime next season.

The university admitted late Tuesday night it knew of the allegations against Austin, Dotson and Artis on March 9. That's the same day police asked the university not to do any sort of administrative review of the allegations for fear it would jeopardize the investigation.

"Police asked for a delay, which is standard," said Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner. "The criminal investigation always goes first and then the administrative one, if there is one, follows. So I think, and I'm sure that makes sense, most people understand you don't want a bunch of people who are not part of your coordinated investigation."

The university's Coalition to End Sexual Violence is calling for an investigation into the university for how it has handled the allegations. They're planning a rally on campus Thursday afternoon. reported that Austin, Dotson, and Artis are not expected to remain on the team, even though no criminal charges were filed.

The DA has said there was not enough evidence to charge the players.