Portland Winterhawks watch The Bachelor: 'It's a hot show'

PORTLAND, Ore. - When they're done scoring on the ice, the Portland Winterhawks like to watch Sean score on The Bachelor.

"All the boys do," said Winterhawks forward Brandon Leipsic. "Everyone's always glued to their TV watching it."

The first place 'Hawks said they're not shy about it. They want the whole world to know what they're watching. They even tweet about it.

another pitty rose from sean #dud #BachelorTweets

Brendan Leipsic (@leip28) February 5, 2013

Not to fond of Tierra. No game #bachelortweets #leave

Nic Petan (@petan19) February 6, 2013

Sean you stupid or something? Don't string Tierra on. Get lost #sostupid

Ty Rattie (@TyRattie8) January 29, 2013

"It's a hot show," said forward Ty Rattie. "Jonesy and I watched it last night. Our favorite is Selma, but I kind of fell in love with Desiree last night too."

"It's kind of romantic at times, but we've got a few guys on the team like that," said forward Nic Petan.

Most of the Winterhawks are still in their teens, so maybe they'll do more than just watch the show someday.

"I don't know if I'd ever get a chance to be on the show," said Leipsic. "It would be kind of crazy. Some face time for sure."

Not everyone on the team is a Bachelor fan.

"It's disgusting. Me and a couple of the older guys can't believe it," said forward Taylor Peters.

So what does Winterhawks coach Travis Green thinks of his team's favorite show? He's just glad they're staying out of trouble.

"You know what, I try not to get involved in what they're doing at home, or what they're watching," Green said. "There's a lot worse things they can be doing than watching The Bachelor."

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