First photo was my fiancee and myself in a bicycle taxi in Tamarindo Costa Rica. I hired the taxista to give us the grand tour lasting some 5 hours. Turns out he liked me so much he wasnt going to charge anything. I liked him so much I bought him a Sony-Erikkson Smartphone and 6 months of air time and advertised he is the one to see for transportation there. You will notice me holding a bottle of Evian Water. Have you ever noticed what it is when sold backwards.? Yep and you have to be pretty Naive to pay more for a pint of water than a gallon of gasoline.

This oxcart can be seen in more rural areas and smaller cities in Costa Rica. But in Managua Nicaragua all motor traffic has horse and ox drawn carts and wagons to compere with as well as bicycle stores. I find with a good bicycle, I can get around much faster in the cities than any motor vehicle as I can cut trough parks, grass areas, use sidewalks and get around all the traffic jams of which they are many.

Last photo is one of the Super Club buses that travels from Panama to Guatemala, stopping at the Mexican border. Two decks. Some have two steering axels up front, three trailing. Stewardesses serving meals. Unless you pay for first class aboard an airliner this has more luxury. And forget baggage restrictions. Supposed to only check in two, but I have as many as 6. And never been charged extra.

I travel too much to waste my time owning a vehicle. Too complex crossing borders with inspections. I could fly or bus bikes, but buy new ones and give them away when I leave. Sure wish I still had the great 44 speed and Carbon Fiber Dolan ADX bike I had in Nicaragua. Pura Vida Amigas y Amigos. Vivir libre o muere.