Best weather videos and photos from 2013

I'm going to begin with two photographers who put months to years into crafting their videos. The first is dramatic time lapse video of the fog rolling into the San Francisco Bay by photographer Simon Christen, who spent two years on the project and picked the perfect music to go with it.

A close second are the videos from Don Jensen, who also spends several months to a year on his time lapse projects -- mainly focused in the Pacific Northwest. Here are two of his:

The rest here are presented in rough chronological order of when they were featured, starting with the persistent fog that hung around Seattle in January:

In February a big blizzard hit the northeast, dumping at least 20" of snow in spots. Here's a short recap:

But in Chestnut Ridge, NY, Brian Maffitt tried something truly unique -- he stuck a video projector out the window and filmed how the snow interacted with the multitude of projected colors from the Dr. Seuss movie "The Lorax". The results were quite amazing!

Closer to home, here is time lapse video of dramatic lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainier:

In the Midwest, winter held on a bit longer than expected, prompting one frustrated coach in Iowa to mow his lawn on May 2nd...amid a few inches of snow!

More stormier weather is up next, with video of intense lightning taken from a cruise ship in the Caribbean, and then a storm chaser team gets video from actually inside a tornado that rolled over their specially built tornado-proof truck:

If you ever through the skies acted a bit like the seas, this video from Liem Bahneman may prove you correct!

Mid-August and then early September brought some of the more intense thunderstorms you'll see around here. Check out this time lapse video from Greg Johnson at from the storm on Sept. 5:

We'll finish up with some miscellaneous video:

And finally, some video from way outside the area -- the International Space Station!