Hey, where did this third rainbow come from?

A Reflection bow nestles in between a double rainbow in Tacoma, Wash. on April 13, 2017. (Photo: Ryan Pendergrass)

With the mix of sunshine and showers this week amid a rather zany weather pattern, rainbows have been a common sight. Some have been brilliant; others have had double rainbows.

But one photographer in Auburn caught an extra-special rainbow -- what appears to be three rainbows!

It's not a "triple rainbow" -- those are exceedingly rare. Instead it's a "reflection rainbow" -- caused when sunlight reflects off a calm body of water, essentially creating a second virtual sun to make a new rainbow.

Ryan said this was taken Friday from the Auburn YMCA looking south. The reflection bow was likely caused by sunlight bouncing off Lake Tapps.

You can see more information on what causes them on Atmospheric Optics

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