Incredible thunderstorm brings hurricane-like weather to Albuquerque

In Albuquerque's case, the outflow from the thunderstorm created hurricane force winds at first. Once the gust passed, the rains came and the town got 0.35" of rain in just 14 minutes, totaling 0.92" of rain in the hour.

To top it off, the temperature dropped from 84 to 64 in 20 minutes.

Twitter was atwitter with pictures and videos of the storm. Here are a few examples.

This first one was taken from the Albuquerque Zoo. Hope they got the animals -- and people -- to safety in time!

Here are some other tweets:

A #storm moves in on #Albuquerque #NewMexico.

Gio (@rocknrollgio) July 27, 2013

@KRQEMark yeah, baby! As seen from Girard & Indian School, looking east. #nmwx #albuquerque

Jake Schoellkopf (@fotojake) July 27, 2013

MAJOR Wind Damage in #ABQ MT @THESarahD29 MT @jtd1003: Damage at the Zoo (looking from stage towards "picnic area")

Jim Cantore (@JimCantore) July 27, 2013

This one is from a storm that hit the night before, but still amazing. It's a 6 minute exposure:

Killer shot from Don Armstrong! This is a six minute exposure from the #ABQ foothills last night. #nmwx #lightning

Mark Ronchetti (@KRQEMark) July 26, 2013