Photographer captures beauty of Northwest's rainy weather

"Often times when late Autumn and winter roll around I find myself, as a photographer, paralyzed by shutter-block. It's difficult to find captivating beauty when one feels forced to stay indoors after looking out a window and seeing yet another dreary western Washington day and the ever-shorter hours of daylight don't offer much more encouragement. This year I made a decision to search out beauty especially in these conditions.

"This set of photos was taken yesterday (Nov. 14) at my home during a brief break in the rain. The waterdrops suspended from the spiderwebs completely awed and forced me to take a closer look at a natural beauty given to me by a plethora of rain and a poor spider who will most possibly go hungry with his web so exposed to the elements.

"Sometimes in our quest to appreciate beauty, we don't realize that we have taken for granted even the simplest treasures that can be found in our own back yard. "

Well said!