Photographer gets amazing pics of frozen bubbles and frost crystals

"I had every intention of adding more photos to my 'Life in a Bubble' series when I set out to work in the 12 degree temps (Thursday) morning," Kelly told me. "I was quickly distracted however by the glittering frost in the field. The field seemed to glow with twinkling lights and upon closer inspection, through the lens of my camera, I found that it was actually individual ice crystals that looked very similar to snowflakes."

She said the ice crystals had formed around the blades of grass and other debris due to the very light freezing fog they had overnight and the very low temperatures.

"All of the ice photos were taken while I was laying down in the freezing cold and ice covered grass," she said.

The flakes look quite similar to the intricate snowflakes photographer Alexey Kljatov captures from his home in Russia.

You can see more of her amazing natural photography -- frozen bubbles, melted frost and others -- on her Facebook page: Kelly Images and Photography

By the way, if you're curious how she made the frozen bubbles, she uses a homemade solution from a recipe that she found on the Internet that combined dish soap, karo syrup and water.