Photos: A hike through January's foggy inversion

The hike is 2.4 miles up about 2,000 feet to a spot along the western edge of the Columbia River Gorge.

Mode said it was in the mid 30s when he left but once he reached the top of the fog layer and inversion, "the temperature warmed so dramatically around 1,100 feet that my camera lens (inside and out) fogged up."

He said it was in the mid 50s when he reached the top amid blazing sunshine. After a 2 1/2 stay in the sun, he began his hike back down to the chilly surface.

"Right around the same 1,100 foot level, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees (mid 40s or so to mid 30s) in a matter of 100 feet of elevation loss," he said.

Guess that's why they say dress in layers!

You can see more photos from Mode's hike on his SmugMug page and see a similar hike through an inversion from my blog I featured on him last year.